Sunday, May 18, 2008

Life Changes

Sometimes too many things happen at once and you can only struggle to keep up. So, here is month of May, so far, in a nutshell:

1. My mother, father, and sister came to visit for a week.
2. At the end of that week we attended my husband's graduation and commissioning.
3. My mom stayed for another week because my husband and I were planning to go to Alabama to buy land anyway.
4. The day before we were going to leave for Alabama, my cat started having seizures. We took him to the emergency vet.
5. The next day, I stayed behind to care for my cat, my husband and mom headed out.
6. The day after that, I was officially a land owner.
7. The next night, my cat's condition got worse.
8. Husband rushed home the following morning. That evening, my cat was taken to the emergency vet and stayed another night.
9. Yesterday, picked my cat up from the emergency vet and transported him to neurologist in a nearby state and left him there for the night so they can monitor him.
10. Tomorrow I will find out what the neurologist has to say.

To sum up, the blog had to take a backseat for a few weeks. My head is still spinning trying to take in all that has happened since May 1st. This is probably the first break I have had since then and it is a brief one. Tomorrow I will hopefully know more about my cat's condition and more changes may come. So, at the moment I cannot deal with much more than what I am already dealing with. I am hoping that soon life will be back to normal because that would mean that everything turned out fine.