Friday, December 4, 2009

Where does the time go?

Was it really July when I last wrote something? Time really does fly. A lot has been going on making it hard to find time to update this page.

First, an update on the pregnancy. I am 33 wks., I am huge and feel like I am ready to pop. And I am having a baby girl!! Everything has gone perfectly so far, except for having to change doctors at the end of the second trimester. But I will get to that.

I don't like cold, I do like sun. I like the southern part of the US for those reasons. So, somehow I've ended up in Connecticut. The military decided that I needed to move 800 miles away from what is familiar to me at 28 weeks pregnant. The car trip was hell. Finding a place to live was hell. I actually broke down and cried for a solid day after signing a lease (I think it was hormones).

So, I am here, and I guess I should finally accept it and figure out what the hell I am supposed to do here. This place is actually really small, smaller than anywhere I have lived in about 7 years. I have to get used to that. I also have to get used to the fact that people here obviously only eat pizza. There is a pizza place on about every block. Why? Pizza, pasta, and "grinders". Sometimes you want something different to eat. Anyway, if I am missing something food-wise let me know.

I am in New England, now what????

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Life Changes

I'm pregnant! I found out that I was pregnant on my 8th wedding anniversary. Seriously. We were planning on going somewhere really nice ans splitting a bottle of wine. But I felt the urge to take a pregnancy test that morning. To my utter surprise, it was positive. Eight years of infertility and bam, out of nowhere, I find out I'm pregnant. Btw, that was my best anniversary gift.

I am currently 13 weeks. The ultrasound picture is from 11 weeks. So far everything is going pretty well I guess. Although, I am having pubic symphysis pain which is pretty awful. I am going to start physical therapy for that soon.

As far as everything else, I did have my second brain scan done and it showed that I have about 9 or so lesions. My neurologist still wants to take the route of wait and see before he "officially" diagnoses me. However, at visits he talks about my MS and what to expect. When I found out I was pregnant, he said it shouldn't be a problem because people with MS tend to feel better during pregnancy. So, I don't know whether to say I have MS or not.

At my last visit, the neurologist wanted me to get a spinal MRI. A week before I was scheduled to get that done, I found out I was pregnant. I do wish I had been able to get that scan done earlier. In August, I have an appointment with an MS specialist at a local medical university. They are going to go over all my scans and history and give me their opinion. So, I am pretty nervous about that.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Test Results


More tests and more waiting. Coming up is another brain MRI in a month and an Evoked Potential test at some point unknown right now. After that, I will have another consultation with the neurologist in May. Fun all around.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

News from South Carolina

Best Comment EVER

plinx wrote: 43m ago

God, who cares?? Talk about irrelevant! "Oh, a young man smoked pot at a party! What a bad influence on my children!" You know what? I hate your kids. I hope they all drop dead.

Re: Phelps apologizes for 'bad judgment' in marijuana photo

Happy fucking Monday

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Test Day

I had my LP today. It was absolutely horribly, so I never want to do that again. I was told to expect the results in 4-6 weeks which sucks ass. I have an appointment for the beginning of February. At the moment that is all the updates I have.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Moving, the election, MS and a Jag

Hello all. I am sorry I disappeared on you, again. Here are some updates:

In October, I moved. I don't know if I told everyone I was moving. It took me less than a week to get everything where I wanted it. It seems to get quicker every time. However, it doesn't get any easier to be ripped away from friends you came to care about and start over in a new place every couple of years.

Moving on to the election...
I know you guys wanted to know what I thought about the big, historic moment. Well, I am not sure how I feel. Obama is definitely a step up from Bush and no one can deny the historical implications of his being elected, but he is pretty centrist and in my opinion too status quo. I am in a watch and wait mode. I am not going to get excited about anything until I see some solid proof that there will be real change.

I would have posted something sooner but I have been to a billion doctors over the last few months, so it has been really stressful for me lately. I developed tinnitus in my right ear and went to my PCM about it in early September. My PCM referred me to an ENT. The ENT referred me to an audiologist and a neurologist and also set me up with an appointment for an MRI on my brain. My audiologist said my hearing was fine. I just had the MRI last Thursday and saw the neurologist on Monday. The neurologist had the MRI results and said he thinks I have MS (multiple sclerosis), because the MRI found lesions on my brain consistent with MS and my symptoms are consistent with MS. And no, this has nothing to do with the tinnitus that started this whole thing, the MRI showed nothing that would cause that. I go back on Wednesday of next week to get a lumbar puncture to try to confirm MS.

Finally, the Jag.
With everything that is going on, especially medically, there is something that has managed to make me feel better. I brought home this baby on Friday, the day after my MRI:

Monday, August 4, 2008

Food Not Bombs

This weekend I fed about 200 people. It was one of the most depressing and yet uplifting experiences of my life. I am going to do it again next weekend.