Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Moving, the election, MS and a Jag

Hello all. I am sorry I disappeared on you, again. Here are some updates:

In October, I moved. I don't know if I told everyone I was moving. It took me less than a week to get everything where I wanted it. It seems to get quicker every time. However, it doesn't get any easier to be ripped away from friends you came to care about and start over in a new place every couple of years.

Moving on to the election...
I know you guys wanted to know what I thought about the big, historic moment. Well, I am not sure how I feel. Obama is definitely a step up from Bush and no one can deny the historical implications of his being elected, but he is pretty centrist and in my opinion too status quo. I am in a watch and wait mode. I am not going to get excited about anything until I see some solid proof that there will be real change.

I would have posted something sooner but I have been to a billion doctors over the last few months, so it has been really stressful for me lately. I developed tinnitus in my right ear and went to my PCM about it in early September. My PCM referred me to an ENT. The ENT referred me to an audiologist and a neurologist and also set me up with an appointment for an MRI on my brain. My audiologist said my hearing was fine. I just had the MRI last Thursday and saw the neurologist on Monday. The neurologist had the MRI results and said he thinks I have MS (multiple sclerosis), because the MRI found lesions on my brain consistent with MS and my symptoms are consistent with MS. And no, this has nothing to do with the tinnitus that started this whole thing, the MRI showed nothing that would cause that. I go back on Wednesday of next week to get a lumbar puncture to try to confirm MS.

Finally, the Jag.
With everything that is going on, especially medically, there is something that has managed to make me feel better. I brought home this baby on Friday, the day after my MRI: