Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Life Changes

I'm pregnant! I found out that I was pregnant on my 8th wedding anniversary. Seriously. We were planning on going somewhere really nice ans splitting a bottle of wine. But I felt the urge to take a pregnancy test that morning. To my utter surprise, it was positive. Eight years of infertility and bam, out of nowhere, I find out I'm pregnant. Btw, that was my best anniversary gift.

I am currently 13 weeks. The ultrasound picture is from 11 weeks. So far everything is going pretty well I guess. Although, I am having pubic symphysis pain which is pretty awful. I am going to start physical therapy for that soon.

As far as everything else, I did have my second brain scan done and it showed that I have about 9 or so lesions. My neurologist still wants to take the route of wait and see before he "officially" diagnoses me. However, at visits he talks about my MS and what to expect. When I found out I was pregnant, he said it shouldn't be a problem because people with MS tend to feel better during pregnancy. So, I don't know whether to say I have MS or not.

At my last visit, the neurologist wanted me to get a spinal MRI. A week before I was scheduled to get that done, I found out I was pregnant. I do wish I had been able to get that scan done earlier. In August, I have an appointment with an MS specialist at a local medical university. They are going to go over all my scans and history and give me their opinion. So, I am pretty nervous about that.